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What are Sections and how to use them

Sections are an organizational feature on EdApp to help you organize your lessons into sections for a sleek user experience

Sections are a useful tool for organizing your lessons into sub-sections within the course that give a better learner experience. 

Where to find Sections

Head to the course that you want to make Sections in and scroll down to see the Sections section underneath the lessons. 


How do I make a new Section?

You make a new Section by clicking "+ Add section" 

Untitled design-2

You can then name it as you see relevant and press enter on your keyboard

Moving lessons into Sections

You move lessons into Sections by dragging and dropping them into the relevant Section.

Untitled design (1)-1

Rearrange Sections
Untitled design (2)-1


Final Result

Once you have moved them into the relevant Section, this is what they will look like on the learner's app.

Untitled design (1)-1