With our Zapier app it is very easy to integrate EdApp with your favourite HR system and Learning Record System.

Getting started

To connect the EdApp Zapier app to your account head over to and login with your admin credentials or register a free account. 

After logging in, go to the settings page to get. your API token.

Use this token to connect EdApp on the Zapier connections page. Search for EdApp, paste the API token in the authentication field, and connect the app.

The EdApp Zapier app can be found here:


With actions, you can create and update learners and managers in EdApp. To get started head over to

Here you can create custom fields that can be used to automatically assign courseware to users. Common examples are "Job Title", "Department", "Location", etc. After you have created the custom fields go back to your zap in Zapier and hit the refresh fields button. The app will automatically pull in the fields which can then be linked.


With triggers, you can subscribe to the following events in EdApp

Lesson completed event
This is triggered as soon as a learner completes a lesson.

Course completed event
This happens as soon as a learner completed all the required lessons in a course.