Prepare and brief your content for EdApp to design

It takes time to create great content. That’s why our Instructional Design team can build your courses for you. So you can launch expertly-designed training to your teams, faster.

Have you signed up for a content package with EdApp and wondering where to start? Here's how to prepare your content before sending it for production. This will help define the end-result you expect and align all contributors.

5 questions to consider before we create your content

1. What are the objectives of your learning program, for your organisation and for your learners?

2. What is the target launch date for your first course?

3. Which part of your content would you like to launch with first?

4. Who is your audience? What devices will they be using to access learning?

5. What tone of voice should your program follow? e.g. serious, fun, directive. 

Sharing your materials

What to share:

We will take your content (text and imagery and videos) in any format. The best format to receive content in is Word, PowerPoint, PDF or SCORM. We highly recommend providing images and videos as well. You may find our recommended image and video sizes here

Videos and images:

If you are sharing videos to include in your lessons, please provide the transcript of these videos alongside the file if available. Transcription services like Descript are great for this. 

SCORM packages:

If you are supplying SCORM packages, please include the answers to any questions in the SCORM package so we can easily progress through the content to convert it.

If there are original source files or imagery alongside the SCORM package, please include those too.

Order of content:

If you require content to be ordered in a specific way within the course/lesson, please let us know. If you have specific pieces of information to include or exclude, please highlight this within the materials provided.

Quiz questions to include:

If you have specific areas of information that you’d like to reinforce with questions to quiz learners, please indicate this in the material. Otherwise, our team can produce questions from the materials provided.