Course Contributors

Q: How do I get access to the platform to contribute courseware as an Educate All contributor? 

Please visit and fill in the form. Our team will review your submission and will be in touch to provide further details and provide access to our creator tool.


Q: Who can contribute to the global library?

A company or a thought leader wanting to make a global impact by contributing courseware. As long as our criteria for contribution is met, anyone can subscribe!


Q: Do I have to create my courses using the EdApp tool?

Yes, courses have to be created via our creator tool and will remain in EdApp. Courses cannot be exported via SCORM.


Q: How can I learn to use the tool? 

Getting started with EdApp is quick and easy. You can follow our guide to Getting Started in 5min.

EdApp's Support Portal is full of useful and easy to access material. If you can't find what you need just jump on Live Chat.

Register for an authoring session


Q: Can I invite others to also be an author? 

Yes, if you have admin permissions you can invite an unlimited number of authors to help create courseware. 


Q: Can I include videos in my courses? 

Yes, we have several templates that support videos as well as hosted videos such as Youtube and Vimeo. See more information on this here


Q: Can I upload courses I already have via SCORM?

Yes, you can import a SCORM package into a lesson by going to the “Advanced” section of the template library in the creator tool 


Q: Can I provide the courseware I contribute to the library, to my learners?

Absolutely! Any published courseware in your account can be assigned to your learners. You can also gain limited access to our analytics suite to view completion rates.