Create a Prize Template

In this post, we explain how to set up a prize template for prize draws.

Step 1: Prizing Templates

Existing Prize Templates 

Before setting up the prize draw itself, Admins will need to set up some prize templates in order to configure their purchased prizes. Prizing templates can be found in the ‘Engage’ tab under the section ‘prize templates’. 

We have some generic, pre-populated prize templates already stored on the system which can be used.


New Prize Templates

If Admins have different types of prizes they want to create, they can do this using the ‘create a new prize’ button.

Enter the details of the prize into the relevant fields which should include:

  • Name
  • Description 
  • A picture for the thumbnail

The information in the 'prize codes & other fields' section is relevant to what will be sent to the user when they win a prize. This should include all information to redeem the prize.


Use the drop-down menu in the ‘Type’ field in order to select what type of redemption tool will be used. 

  • Code can be used for the voucher code, pin number or any other type of code that is necessary.
  • URL can be used for a voucher that requires an activation link. 
  • Number is used for any redemption number that is applicable. 
  • Value is the amount the prize is worth.
  • Placeholder can be used for when the admin has uploaded a physical prize.

In the field next to the selected 'type' from the dropdown menu, Admins will need to enter a word that the winner’s email will associate this section with when it comes to it. 

We recommend just repeating the name of the 'type' from the dropdown menu for ease. Ensure that you add the word ‘value’ when selecting the value type in the dropdown menu. This will provide the learner with the value of their prize if applicable to the voucher.

Prizing Email 

The next section is where the email that users receive can be customised to company preference.

The sender’s email address can be changed as required, it will still be sent automatically through EdApp’s system, but the domain will read as requested by the Admin. The subject and redemption instructions can also be changed as the author requires. 

When using the ##CODE## this will mean that the system will pull through the relevant code for the prize that the user has won. This works the same for any other 'type' of prize element that was set up and discussed earlier in this article. Without adding these elements that were just set up, the user will not be able to redeem their prize.

There is also an option at the bottom of this page to send a test email to check all the elements of the prize. We strongly recommend doing so before moving on.

Admins can set up as many prize templates as they would like and can repeat the steps above to make a new template.

You will now be ready to set up a prize draw. Please see our how to guide for creating a prize draw