Educate All Initiative

Q: What is the Educate All initiative? 

It is an initiative set up between UNITAR and EdApp to provide free training for those who need it the most. Please see


Q: What features are included in the Educate All plan? 

The Educate All plan is similar to EdApp's regular offering except any published courseware is shared in our global library. 

The Educate All plan includes all features excluding: 

  • Analytics suite
  • SCORM Export
  • Real Rewards
  • API Access
  • xAPI Support
  • Onboarding Assistance
  • Account Management
  • Enterprise Level SLA's

See here for all features included across plans:


Q: What is the Educate All account? 

The Educate All account is a plan that allows you to enjoy our platform free of charge. The courseware you create to be published to both your learners whilst becoming automatically available in our public content library.


Q: Is the Educate All plan free? 

Yes, no payment is needed. However, you are required to contribute all courseware within your account to our global content library.


Q: Can I contribute courseware to the library but have a different set of courseware for my learners?

No. If you are on an EducateAll plan, all courseware in your account will automatically populate in our public content library. 


Q: Are there any requirements for courses to go into the library?

Yes, the course must not be edited from the library, it has to be marked as published in your account, and it must have a minimum of one lesson with 3 slides. 

Q. Can I share my course for review before it goes into the library? 

Yes, to do so, you can either share a link to the individual lessons or view the course as a Reviewer. 


Q: Can I customize/edit a course from the library and contribute it back as my own?

You are able to customize and edit a course from the library and publish to your learners. However, this course will not be published back into the library again.


Q: Where can I find the T&Cs?

All T&Cs can be found here -


Q: How can I cancel my subscription to an Educate All plan?

You can go to the Billing Details page and cancel your subscription at any time. 


Q: Can I downgrade/upgrade to a paid plan? What happens to feature data that I no longer have access to?

Yes, you can downgrade/upgrade to any paid plan at any time. Feature data that you no longer have access to will be deleted once you confirm your subscription to a paid plan that does not include a feature you previously had access to on the Educate All plan. 


Q: Can I get back on an Educate All plan?

Yes, you can get back on an Educate All plan at any time. 


Q: What happens to my courseware when I cancel my Educate All plan?

The courseware that has already been contributed to the library will remain in the library even after you have cancelled your Educate All plan.


Q: Can I make changes to a course that has already been published to the library? When do these updates get reflected?

Yes, you can edit/remove lessons after a course has been published to library. Please allow up to 24 hours for your changes to be reflected.


Q: Can I remove a course after it’s been published to the library?

No, you cannot remove a course after it has been published to the library. You can, however, edit and make changes as you please.


Q: Can I upload courses I already have via SCORM?

Yes, you can import a SCORM package into a lesson by going to the “Advanced” section of the template library in the creator tool.


Q. Can the courses in the Content Library be rated? 

Yes. Admins will see the rating underneath each course in the Content Library. Learners are given the option to rate the course (out of 5 stars) after they have done at least one lesson in the course.