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Share lessons for review

Follow these easy steps to share your lessons for review.

As an Admin or a Content Author, you are able to share a lesson for a review. In this post, you will find easy to follow steps to share a lesson for a review via URL. 

  1. Log in to LMS (https://admin.edapp.com/login)
  2. Navigate to the lesson that you would like to share 
  3. Once on the Lesson Page, click on the 'Access Rules' Tab
  4. Then, tick the checkbox next to 'Share this lesson' option
  5. Copy and share the Lesson URL

Screenshot 2020-05-15 at 17.11.12

You have just successfully enabled Lesson URL and now anybody with this URL will be able to preview the lesson.


To view this lesson on the web in an iPhone frame you can use this URL


followed by the lesson ID. In the image above the lesson ID is "5c6b3f62911e90001c6312f"