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Export SCORM

SCORM is a universal export that is supported in various learning management systems. Here's how you can export into SCORM format with EdApp.

SCORM Export is available on all EdApp paid plans.

EdApp makes it easy to export lessons into SCORM format, but doing so means that learners will miss out on EdApp’s gamification and engagement features.


Lesson SCORM Export

Course SCORM Export (multiple lessons)


How to export SCORM a Lesson

Export SCORM
  1. Log in to admin.edapp.com
  2. Click on Edit the course
  3. Click on the lesson you would like to export
  4. Lesson Settings
  5. Click the 'more' tab
  6. Click 'Download SCORM Package'
  7. The package will download as a SCORM file to be uploaded to the chosen LMS


There is a tick box available for learning management systems that expect learners to exit from within the lesson, to include the required UI components in the lesson menu and last slide. Choose if you would like this enabled or not.


Export SCORM all Lessons within a Course

If you would like to export all the lessons within the course at the same time please follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new lesson within the course – ensure it is in draft mode
  2. Click ‘add a new slide’ to open up the template library
  3. Use the import tool at the bottom left side of the screen
  1. Choose the lesson(s) that you would like to import slides from then which slides you want to import
  2. Once all relevant slides are imported follow the steps above for exporting the lessons as a SCORM package.