How to assign your courses to your learners

This article summarizes how you can assign your courses to your learners/group of learners.

Assigning your courses gives you the ability to have certain users access a specific course. 


To assign your courses, here are the steps:

1. Go to the course and then click on the 'Assign' button.

Assigning Courses

2. Assigning the course in 'Universal Access' means that it is currently assigned to All Learners on your account. Turning this off will give you the ability to assign the course to specific user groups you created.

Assigning Courses (1)

3. Click the user group from left to right to assign the course. User groups in the selected area will have access to the course and restrict the user groups on the left.


4. Do not forget to click 'Done' to save your changes.


You also have the ability to share your course with the public, without needing to register by using the Public Course Preview option. Please take note that this option will not record any data to your analytics since it is shared publicly.