Public Course Previews

Share your lessons for instant learning or review, no login needed. You can provide a public course preview link without requiring a user login.


1.  Access Your Course: Start by navigating to the specific course you wish to share, and then click on the 'Edit' option.

2.  Share Your Course: Select the 'Share' button in the top-right corner of your screen, then select ‘With editors or publicly’. 


3.  Share Publicly: Toggle on the public preview link and select the ‘Copy link’ button or download the QR code and share the link with anyone you would like to access a preview of the course. Paste the URL link into any web browser on desktop or mobile to see a preview of the course.

Anyone on the internet with this URL will be able to preview the course, and the public course preview link has an expiry of 90 days from the day the link is enabled.

The public course preview can also be viewed in full-screen mode and is responsive on both web and mobile devices.

Public preview links can be disabled at an account level from within  App Settings - Content


Please note that when you make changes to the course, the changes will reflect in the Public Preview after a short delay of 1-2 minutes or more depending on the amount of changes.