Import Content Into a Lesson

Importing content into a lesson is made easy in these steps.

As an Author, you are able to create your own content using the EdApp Authoring Tool and you can also import content from AICC and SCORM packages or import previously created EdApp content into a lesson. In this post, we will explain how to import existing content into an EdApp lesson.

Importing a SCORM or AICC package

Navigate to the 'Courses' pane. Navigate to the course and then the lesson you would like to import content into.

Navigate to the Authoring Tool and select 'Add New Slide' in the right hand pane.

Navigate to 'Advanced'. Here, you find options to import your AICC or SCORM package.

Upload the file where instructed.

Importing slides from an existing EdApp lesson

Following the instructions above, navigate to the EdApp Authoring Tool and select 'Add New Slide'. Select 'Import' in the bottom left hand side. Choose the lesson and the range of slides you want to insert and click ‘Insert.’