Learner’s Guide to Brain Boost

Brain Boost is a daily quiz for learners to help you better retain information. Spaced Repetition is a method of practicing repeat learning over time.

Our Spaced Repetition feature uses an adaptive, dynamic quiz that’s based upon the SM-2 learning algorithm to help you better retain information. Brain Boost asks different questions to establish what you remember and what you don’t. The more questions you get right, the less frequently you’ll need to be tested. The benefits of this include stronger memory formation due to principles of forgetting and receiving. 



Brain Boost can be played once daily. To ensure a consistent experience for you, Brain Boost takes approximately the same amount of time every day.


To take your daily Brain Boost quiz:

  • Log into EdApp on mobile or on our web app
  • Tap the menu on the left
  • Tap Brain Boost:


  • Tap Boost

This will open your daily quiz! Proceed through the quiz just as you would any other EdApp Course. Make sure to check Brain Boost again the following day for your next quiz

If you see the below message, it means you haven’t taken enough courseware yet for the system to create your daily quiz.

  • You will need to complete 40 questions total (40 interactive slides) to start receiving your daily Brain Boost quiz. 

To learn how to enable Brain Boost in the admin portal, reference this guide.