Notifications Copy

Our automatic push notifications are static. Here are the messages that the learners will see.

See how to send a custom notification here.


Lesson (Push Notifications)

The learner will receive the same message in 3 days to complete the lesson with one of the titles above. Completed courses will not receive this notification

How are you today?
Good morning. Ed here!
Hey there!
It’s Ed time!
Get excited….
Ready for Ed?
Ed says…
3… 2… 1… Go!
Locked and loaded!
Let’s go!
Its go time!
Let’s get ready to rumble!
Yep, it’s me again.
Train that brain.
More please.
Slide to success
Let’s do this

Message: Complete {lesson} to progress through your content.

Course (Email + Push Notifications)

Due Title

Your course is almost due!


Your course is almost due! Don't forget to complete course {name} by {due date}!


Overdue Title:

Your course is overdue!


Your course is overdue! Don’t forget to complete {name}!

Rapid Refresh (Email + Push Notifications)


{name} is ready


You've been assigned a quiz!
Your administrator has assigned {name} for you to complete. Complete your quiz now to earn full points!
Note: This link will expire once the quiz deadline has passed. Contact your administrator to find out more.


Prizing (Push Notification)

The learner will receive the title with a rotation of one of the messages.


The next prize is {Prize Name}


Have you played your stars?

The Star Bar looks good today

Love the Star Bar!

Hit the Star Bar?

Your lessons are complete right?

You all up to date?

Ooooh, is it time to play?

Complete the lessons, earn those stars

Lessons complete?

Earn those stars

Everyone loves stars

Earning stars every day?

You learn, you earn!


We could all use that!

Brain Boost (Push Notification)

The learner will receive the same title with a rotation of one of the messages.


Brain boost session available!


Boost your learning and increase your retention

Time to fire up those neurons and retain your learning

Embed knowledge in your long-term memory! A Brain Boost session is waiting for you

Retain that knowledge and increase your productivity! Time for a Brain Boost session



{Discussion name} {User}


{User} Replied