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Custom Push Notifications

An administrator can customize the content of a push notification to remind users about new content or prizing, re-engage users or even send a company-wide message.

For the title section of the notification, best practice is a 25 character limit. 

For the body of the message, best practice is an 80 character limit.


To receive the custom push notification, the learner must be logged into EdApp on their mobile app and have allowed push notifications on their phone settings.

Sending push notifications to all users

Navigate to the 'User' tab > 'User Groups' > 'All Users'.

On the right, edit your message in the Title and Body fields. Click 'Send Push Notification'. All users in your account will receive this custom push notification message.


Sending push notifications to a group of users

Navigate to 'Users' tab > 'User Groups' > Select name the 'User Group'.

In the push notification field to the right, enter your copy in the Title and Body fields. When ready to send, press 'Send Push Notification'. All users in this user group will receive this custom push notification message.


If you send a push notification to a user group collection, it will send the notification to all learners who are in child groups of the collection


Based on completion rates

This can be assessed under our Actionable Reports feature. Here, you’ll be able to send custom push notifications to users with low completion, who have logged in but not started any course, and who are inactive with low completion. Navigate to the 'Analytics' pane and select 'Reports'.

Select the actionable report you would like to view, and select 'Actions'. Under this, select 'Push Notification'.

Sending push notifications to an individual user

Navigate to the 'User' pane > 'Users', Select the user you would like to send the notification to.

In the push notification field to the right, enter your copy in the Title and Body fields. When ready to send, press 'Send Push Notification'. Only users part of this actionable report group will receive this custom push notification.

Automatic Push Notifications

Our automated push notifications are sent to learners when they have downloaded the mobile app to keep them up to date on new content, prizes, a new Rapid Refresh quiz, Brain Boost and more.

Configuring automated push notifications

Enable notifications in your app settings > engagement

You can enable/disable notifications on an account level. We recommend keeping notifications turned on as these are a great “set and forget it” feature that has a huge impact on completion rates.

The notification is delivered in the user’s time zone. Turning off these notifications will not affect custom push notifications.


Types of Notifications

Content Notifications

On opening the app, the notification schedule starts. On the next day the learner will receive a notification for the next lesson that's incomplete in the sequence. If the learner clicks on the notification, then the schedule starts again for the next day. If the learner does not click on the notification, then the next notification will be delivered in 3 days. This sequence follows for 1, 3, 7, 13 days. 

Every time the app is opened, it will reschedule these notifications. Therefore if you open the app every day, you will get a notification every day. You may configure the time in which these are delivered, however. Read how to do so here. 

Rapid Refresh

You can set this up in App Settinga for both email and push notifications.

See the feature page of Rapid Refresh for more information.

Prizing Notifications

Notifications for prizes follow a similar logic to our content notifications. 

EdApp will send a notification to learners if there is an unwon prize up for grabs in the prizing draw. The schedule of notifications notifying learners of an unwon prize will follow 1, 4, 9, 16 days. 

Brain Boost

Learners will be notified when they have activated their first Brain Boost session, i.e. after they have answered at least one participating Brain Boost interactive slide. 

Subsequently they will be notified daily where a new session is available. If a Learner misses the previous day's Brain Boost session, they will receive reminder notifications in a sequence of 1, 3, 7, 13 days.


Learners who are "watching" threads on a discussion board will be notified of new comments. 




Q: Can I change the time automated notifications are sent?

Yes! Simply navigate to your 'App Settings' (in the dropdown menu next to your email in the top right of the LMS), and click the 'Engagement' tab. Scroll down to the 'Prizing' and 'New Content' fields, and set the time for push notifications to be delivered to users. 


Q: What timezone are push notifications sent out in?

Notifications will be delivered to the users according to their timezone.


Q: When are custom push notifications sent?

 Custom push notifications are delivered to your learners instantly. 


Q: Can learners turn their notifications off?

Learners may disable push notifications from the app settings on their device. 


Q: Can I send learners an email notification instead?

Learners can be sent emails via our Actionable Reports feature. 


Q: Do learners receive notifications for prizing if I don’t have a prize draw available?

Learners will only receive automated notifications for prizing if there is an active prize draw with prizes available. 


Q. Can I schedule a push notification? 

Push notifications are sent immediately and cannot currently be scheduled.


Q: How frequently do users receive automatic push notifications?
  • There are automatic push notifications linked for two features; lessons and prizing and each has a schedule for repeating notifications:
  • Lessons: Sent on days 1, 3, 7, 13
  • Prizes Sent on days 1, 4, 9, 16

For example, if the account has set lesson notifications to be sent at 9 am:
  • User completes a lesson on Monday the 3rd of January,
  • A lesson notification will be scheduled for 9 am on Tuesday the 4th of January
  • If the user does not complete a lesson after receiving the notification, the next notification will be scheduled on Friday the 7th at 9 am and so on
  • When the user does complete a lesson, the schedule is reset and they will receive a notification the next day.

Q: Are notifications translated?

Notifications are translated based on the last known language of the user stored in the database.

Supported languages are:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian
  • Chinese


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