Performance Dashboard

This article summarises the features of the Performance Dashboard under the 'Analytics' tab

Performance dashboard will provide an in-depth analysis of the completion data to admins. The data visualisation and ability to drill down will enable admin to identify ways to improve engagement and completions. 

Ed LMS · Analytics

Admins can find the performance dashboard in the Performance section of the analytics menu. 




The dashboard will have four tabs: Overview, Courses, User Groups and Users.

  • Overview tab: Displays an overview of the data in the whole account
  • Courses tab: Display course performance data with the ability to drill down to each course to see data of user groups and users assigned to that course

  • User groups tab: Display user group performance data with the ability to drill down to each user group to see data of courses assigned to that user group

  • Users tab: Display users performance data with the ability to drill down to see data of courses assigned to that user.

Drill down functionality:

  • By clicking into the row in the bottom table for each tab, admin will be able to see detailed data for selected course/user group/user


Dashboard provides many filters for admins to pick the data to show.

  • Time filter: checking the data in a particular timeframe eg. 1d, 1w, 1m, 1y, 5y to check app visits/completions/course published in the selected timeframe

  • Search filter: to isolate data of a particular user group/course/users

  • Is active - only shows active user data (you can use 'true' to look at those who are active and 'false' for those who are inactive - active user means they have logged in in the last 30 days)

  • Is mandatory - only shows mandatory course for compliance purpose


  • User can export the data by clicking spreadsheet, and select the raw data of preferred chart displayed in the tab (we would recommend csv instead of excel to eliminate format incapability issue).

Common Data Field Definition: 

Data Field


Published Date

The date the course was last published by default, shows created date if there is no published date.

Average Progress

Total progress/Total assigned users

Include users with 0% progress and who have not completed the course


Total # of users assigned to the course

Average time spent

Time spent = Time spent in lesson

Total time spent for all completed course/Total assigned users who have completed the course

Average Score

Only account for completed course

Total score for all completions/number of completions


Has the user logged in in the last 30 days

Active users

Active user = Number of unique users who have logged in in the last 30 days

User Group

All the groups this user is assigned to, direct and indirect


Number of courses this user has overdue

Visit in last 30 days

Number of visits (log in) in the last 30 days