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This post covers how to set prerequisites for courses or lessons.

As an Admin, you have the option to set prerequisites for your learners. This sets restrictions on which courses or lessons they can take prior to completing a required course or lesson. As they progress through their courses or lessons, it will unlock the next available course or lesson.


*Useful to note - The prerequisite feature can be enabled only if there are multiple courses or lessons available.


  1. Go to your 'Courses' page, found under the 'Courseware' tab
  2. Select an existing course OR create a new course by selecting 'Create a new course' in the top right hand corner
    OR (for a lesson prerequisite)
    Select an existing lesson title OR select 'Create a new lesson' in the mid upper right-hand corner

3. Go to 'Course Settings" and then the 'Access Rules' tab


From the list on the left titled 'All courses' or ‘All lessons’, select the courses or lessons that must be completed prior to having access to the current course or lesson you are editing. The changes will be saved automatically. 

Additional note: Admins can also apply linked translated courses as prerequisites to other courses.