App Settings

What can be configured in the app settings by an Admin.



Stars & Prizing







App settings are located in the top right-hand corner of the Admin tool in the drop-down menu next to the Admin’s username.

app settings


Stars & Prizing

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- Stars can be disabled/ enabled on an account level so stars cannot/ can be earned throughout the learner experience.

- Admins can set the number of stars a user can earn daily for logging in to the app.

- The star bar can be enabled/ disabled by the Admin to allow learners to play games and win prizes with the stars they earn throughout courseware. This is also where the game that the learners can play is configured.

Only one star bar game can be configured at once.

- Admins can also enable a feature that forces a learner to accept terms and conditions of claiming a prize before they are able to claim their prize. The terms and conditions are customizable to the Admins requirements with the provided text box. 



- The Admin can enable/ disable social learning for the account on this level.

- Daily push notifications can be enabled/ disabled on this page and the timings for the prizing push notifications and new content push notification can be set to a suitable time for the learners.

The notification is delivered in the user’s time zone. Turning off these notifications will not affect custom push notifications.



Default Course Logo

Logos are applied to any course that was created manually, via ppt upload or to any course imported from the content library that doesn't already have an existing logo.

If a new course is created after uploading a default logo, the default logo will automatically be applied to these courses but it can be changed at a course or lesson level within a course or lesson settings if needed.

You can apply a logo to a specific course as well. See guide.


Default Course CSS

Customize all lessons with CSS rules.

See course level branding to see how to apply CSS to a specific course.


Custom Splash Screens

Splash screens are used to enhance the sign-in experience for the user.





Weekend delivery

You can control whether learners can access courseware on the weekend.

Daily lesson limit

Limits the amount of learning a user can do per day.

Disable EdApp default sounds in-app

This is self-explanatory! You also have the option to leave it on and your users and turn down the volume on their device

Universal Access

By default, any new courses created in your account will be on universal access unless this is turned off in-app settings.

Mark SCORM lessons 'incomplete' on fail.

Admins can mark SCORM lessons as’ incomplete’ upon failing (not meeting the minimum score). This also depends on how the SCORM is set up on the LMS the lesson is being uploaded to.

Classic Display

The new display is better trust me!


Reward your learners for completing courses!

See guide for detailed configuration.










Features Management

Admins are able to enable offline mode, leaderboards, dynamic user group and focus. 


Super Admin Section

Admins are able to hide activity feed from users and add a domain name. 



User Custom Fields

See this article for Custom Fields