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User Groups

User Groups are a way to segment your learners in order to assign different courses to different learners.

Note: User Groups are only available on EdApp paid plans.


Q: How to I create a User Group?

Go to 'Users" > "User Group" > "new user group" button to the top right side of the screen (See guide).


Q: What are the benefits of User Groups?

User Groups allow you to make tailored content for different learners and see specific analytics about certain users. 


Q: How do I manage my User Groups?

You can manage your users by going to the “User Groups” section under the “Users” tab.


Q: How do I assign courses to my User Group?

This can be done under “Access Rules” on the course itself or by clicking on the specified User Group on the “User Group” page and then scrolling down to the “Courses” section.


Q: What are Dynamic User Groups?

Dynamic User Groups are a special type of User Group that has specific custom fields set up. When these custom fields are fulfilled with the user’s information, they will be automatically assigned to this group.


Q: What is a User Group Collection?

A User Group Collection is a special configuration you can set up when creating a new User Group which makes it a collection of User Groups. This will act as a parent group to the children user groups underneath. This means you can assign something to the parent user group collection and the children groups underneath it will all have access too.


Q: How do I make a User Group Collection?

You can make a User Group Collection by creating a new User Group and clicking to configure it as a User Group Collection underneath where you have named it.