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Common API questions

Q: What kinds of integrations does EdApp support?

EdApp standard API contains many endpoints to integrate with third-party systems. The EdApp API allows you to; create and delete users in the EdApp LMS, add users to groups, list the content that is available to users, and obtain links that can be used to launch the lessons in the EdApp mobile app or website. See the full list of endpoints.


Q: What kind of progress reporting can be integrated?

Progress information is provided at several levels. At the course and lesson level, unlocked, completed, and opened objects are provided, which contain the number and percentage of users who have unlocked, completed, and opened that course or lesson. It also contains a complete listing of the users who do and do not belong in the set.


Q: Does EdApp support custom integrations?

The EdApp API can be used to automate the maintenance of users including permissions, as well as integrate the EdApp analytics data with other applications. To link data between EdApp and external applications we use a field called 'ExternalId' on entities like: 'Users', 'Courses', 'Course Collections', 'Lessons'.


Q: Where can I find API documentation? 

Please navigate to the SSO documentation page or see this page for Azure AD configuration.


Q: What do I need if I want to authenticate with the EdApp API?

To authenticate with the EdApp API, an access token is needed. Access tokens can be acquired via the EdApp LMS on https://admin.edapp.com/app-settings/api . The access token needs to be passed via the http Authorization header with the ‘Bearer’ prefix. From the LMS the token can be found under 'Settings' > 'API'.


Q: What dedicated endpoints does EdApp currently have?

Currently, EdApp has dedicated endpoints for Deputy, and Degreed.