Managing users via CSV

Export your user data via csv, edit your user data in bulk and upload your user csv to perform bulk updates.


Export user information via csv

Edit users in bulk

Configure upload settings & upload csv

Export user information via csv

Exporting learner information lets you see all the data associated with the learner at a glance including data associated with the learner's custom fields in this export. Use this to Vlookup against reports if it is useful to your programme. 

1. Navigate to the "Users" section of the "Users" tab

2. Click "Upload CSV"

3. Click "Export users"

This will then export a CSV file. You will be able to see:

  • Email
  • Username
  • First Name 
  • Last Name
  • User groups
  • Roles
  • Password (only for changing passwords - this will not tell you the learners' passwords)
  • External ID
  • Any relevant custom fields (in this example, they are job title and department)

Recommendation 💡 

Save a version of the export in case you accidentally overwrite some learner profiles so you have an original version to revert it back to!

Edit users in bulk & upload csv

1. Open csv file in Excel

Open the csv file you exported in Excel or your preferred csv editing tool. 

2. Use the filter capability on Excel to remove any users from this sheet you are NOT changing

We recommend removing any learners whom you aren't changing information or custom fields for. Choose the filter option on Excel.

You will need to filter out those who you are making changes to, so your sheet consists of those who you are not making changes to. In the example below, we want to make changes to and

Once filtered, right click and delete these learners. This will leave you with only the learners you are making changes to

By removing these learners from the spreadsheet it WILL NOT remove their learner profile and no changes will be made to their learner profile.

3. Update fields without deleting any columns

Note: changing the username of a learner will lead the system to set up a new learner altogether. If you want to change a learner's username, this can only be done on their learner profile.

Field Instructions
email Required field.
username Optional (will take on the email if left empty)
firstname Optional (recommended for reporting)
lastname Optional (recommended for reporting)

Each user group should be seperated with a ; followed by a space.

Example: marketing; operations;

This also needs to be written exactly how the user group is named or the LMS will not recognise it.

Each role should be seperated with a ; followed by a space.

The following roles can be assigned from the csv:

  • Admin

  • Content Author

  • Manager Analytics

  • Learner

  • Prizing User

  • Excluded from Analytics

  • Reviewer

  • Facilitator

The default role for new users is Learner & Prizing User.


Use only for changing passwords. This will not tell you the Learners password.

Updated passwords will be validated.

Leaving the password column blank will mean the learner maintains the password that they have set up. Use with caution!

externalid Optional (You can add a custom ID to identify this user in external API requests. This ID must be unique.)


One you've edited your .csv file, be sure to save it as .csv ready for upload.

Configure upload settings & upload csv

1. Select csv file

Click the "Choose file" button to select the .csv file you would like to upload to update your user data. Then click Next.

2. Upload settings - send invitations to new users

Choose whether you would like any new users to be sent invitations by enabling the toggle. Only new users will be sent invitations if you enable this option.

For more information on inviting users in bulk from the csv, please see the support article invite users in bulk via csv.

3. Upload settings - existing users import settings

Choose how you would like to update User Groups and Roles for existing users.

Add - Will add the new values to the current assignment. 

Replace - Will replace any existing values with the new value.

Default Roles 💡 

All users imported via CSV will retain the default roles of Learner and Prizing User.

4 . Confirmation of changes successfully made

Once this CSV has been imported, your changes will be live on the learner's profile.