Invite Users to EdApp via Email/Bulk Upload

Users can be invited to EdApp in a variety of ways. Inviting via email (bulk upload) is good for manually controlling who receives an invitation, or if you need input additional information.

You can also invite users via invite links.

See guide for troubleshooting.

1. Navigate to ‘Invite Users’

2. Click ‘Individual’ to invite individual users via email    

This allows you to send individual users their login details via email.

A good option for inviting a few users to the platform at once. You can also customise the subject line before sending.  

If you invite someone as an admin, they will automatically be given the learner, reviewer and content author roles. See here for all types of permissions.

3. Click 'Bulk' to invite a large group of users via email 

Useful for uploading numerous users at once. The CSV file must be laid out in a specific way as indicated on this page in order for the data to be uploaded correctly. Within the CSV file, the columns should be titled as the information you would like to upload. The only required field is email, however admins can also add the following fields if applicable:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • User group
  • Username

4. Check off "Send invitation email" to send uploaded users an email with their login details.

If unchecked, the users will be created but they will not be notified.

You can also add a custom subject line that users will receive on the email that is sent out. This is so you can make it specific to your organisation to encourage learners more!

You can also bulk set user passwords in the CSV upload.

It's useful if you'd prefer to send your own email (uncheck 'Send Invitation Email' as seen above).

To do so, add a 'Password' column into your sheet, and insert a valid password for each user. Once the CSV file has been uploaded, users will be able to log in with the password you have set for them.