Learner guide: Edit language settings in app

Select which language you take your learning in

First, an overview of languages available in EdApp

On EdApp there are two parts to the experience where you can change the language: There's the app framework (such as the menu and button UI), and there is the lesson content itself (everything from when you tap "play lesson" to "exit lesson"). 

1. The app framework of EdApp is localised for a number of languages and will automatically update to your device settings where the localisation is available. Read here for further information on the languages we support. 

2. Content delivered on EdApp in the form of lessons, can also be taken in various languages. This will only be available when your program administrator or content author has provided this option for you in your account (if you are are a content author, you can create training in various languages easily with our in-built AI translator).


If your lessons are available in multiple languages, keep reading on how to edit your language preference in EdApp

EdApp will automatically detect the language settings of your device or browser. For example, if your mobile device is set up in French, EdApp will automatically localise and deliver content in French. Here's a guide that goes into more detail on this.

But we understand that while your device may be in French, you perhaps would like to take your EdApp lessons in English. No sweat! You can do so. Here's how...


How to change your language preferences in EdApp:

1. Open EdApp as a learner

2. In the menu, open "My Profile" > "Account Settings"

3. Under Account Settings, tap "Select Language". This will open the scroll bar where you can select your chosen language. Hit "done" when you've landed on your selection. 


4. Voila! If EdApp is localised in that lanugage the menu bar and other framework buttons will update to match your selected language. If your admin has created content in your language, your lesson and courses will also update. If not, your lessons will be delivered in English as a default.