Launch kit: Set up three Banners

Personalise your learner's home screen by adding a banner or use it as a communication tool

Banners sit at the top of your learners home screen, above any assigned courseware or Rapid Refresh quiz. They can help call out important information you want your learners to be aware of. If multiple banners have been uploaded, they will sit as a carousel, creating numerous opportunities for you to communicate with your learners.

Here are some templates to get you started.

To get started we suggest setting up these three banners:

1. Personalise the home screen

2. Highlight the latest updated/release course

Free template resource




3. Help your learners find support

To a Whatsapp chat / admin's email / support email

Free template resource

Or direct your learners to EdApp's Support Hub at


More ideas on how you can use Banners:

  • Highlight new courseware or recent updates
  • Feature leaders from the leaderboards
  • Showcase upcoming prizes available in the Prize Draw
  • Any internal dates from the company that the learners should be aware of
  • Link to additional training resources 

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