Lessons Configuration - Completion Tab

This article will indicate what settings are available in the 'Completion' tab of the lesson configurations.

The 'Completions' tab allows Admins to configure what is required for learners to carry out in order to complete the lesson:

1. Require a minimum score – Admins can set a minimum score for learners to reach in order to complete the lesson, if no minimum score is set, the lesson will be complete once the user reaches the final slide.

2. Lock this lesson after failing – lessons can be temporarily locked after they have been failed and Admins can choose how many minutes they would like to lock them for.

3. Reset course completion after failing – if this is ticked, learners will have to restart the whole course again as the system will erase their previous progress. This can be useful if Admins want to make sure learners fully understand the learning before finishing the course.

4. Lock after completion – this will prevent the user from accessing this lesson once it has been completed, so they only get one attempt.