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Pre and Post Testing

This article will discuss some tips and tricks for pre and post testing.


Pre and Post testing is a great way to test the knowledge of your learners but also the effectiveness of your course content.


With EdApp you can set up these assessments in two ways:

  1. Create pre and post tests made up with our survey slides.
    Create one lesson made up solely of survey slides, then duplicate it to use the last lesson in the course. With this method the admin can gather quantitative and qualitative feedback from your learners with the ability to export all question responses to CSV.
  2. You could also design a quiz, like you would any lesson and block the takeaway feedback box from displaying (if desired) and perhaps add a countdown timer to each question.
    Here admins won’t be able to see per question responses or lesson scores but the learner will receive a score automatically at the end of the lesson and it is recorded in the LMS analytics suite.


The sequence format must also be considered. Do you want to test your learners before any content is unlocked? And then test again with the same questions at the end of the course? This will help you measure the effectiveness of the lessons.


Alternatively you can set up just one lesson for the end of a course, with users having to achieve a set score in order to mark the course as complete. Please click here for how to set up a minimum score on a lesson.


The best method is dependent on your program and of course, your objectives as the program administrator. Use the table below to help determine in which format you should test your learners.




Interactive Slides

Survey Slides


These are slides from any of the concepts, multiple choice, relationship categories in our Template Library.

These are slides from any only our Survey category in our Template Library – multiple choice, free text, Likert scale and quadrant.

As a learner will I know what questions I get correct/incorrect in real time?

Yes & No. You have the choice of preventing the Takeaway answer box from popping up if required.


There is no correct/incorrect requirement per question set up in the platform – this is controlled outside EdApp.

Can a minimum pass score be established for the post test?

A minimum pass score can be set up on the lesson, meaning the lesson (and consequently the course) will not be marked as complete until this benchmark is surpassed.


As a learner, can I see my score?

Learner will see their score automatically at the end of the lesson.

Learner will not receive a score - if you want your learners to have visibility on their scores there are other methods to do this via manual deliver of cards or perhaps you’re using the API to report in another platform where users can uncover their scores from another access point.


As an admin, how do I see the results of my learners?

Scores recorded in analytics are on a course level, therefore if you’d like to only report on the score of one lesson it will need to sit within its own course or be the only lesson in that course which is weighted.

All responses can be exported via the LMS > Analytics > Surveys. They are available on a lesson level where you can either export per lesson or you could export per question if desired.


What level of reporting is available?

Unable to attain the responses provided by the learner per question.

Overall score per course is available via the Course Completion by User export


Responses per question per learner per lesson are recorded in Analytics and are able to be exported via CSV