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Difference between a Learner and Admin

What kind of permissions can I set up for a user? 

How can I change a user’s permissions?

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Difference between a Learner and Admin

A learner is a user who has access to course content but cannot modify it or access any Admin functionalities. An Admin has the ability to set up a program on EdApp, make modifications, manage users, and view analytics. 



What types of permissions are there? 

A user can be assigned numerous permissions depending on what you would like them to have access to. Please see this guide for more information. 



How can I change a user’s permissions?

Yes. Navigate to the 'Users' tab and click 'Users'. Navigate to the individual user and scroll to the 'Roles' section. Check the boxes beside the permission you would like enabled. Please see this guide for more information. 




Admins have overall control of the account, they can access all courseware, all user/ user group information, all peer learning features, all engagement features and all analytics.

To access the LMS/backend, log in through admin.edapp.com 


As an Admin, why I can't see all the courses in the learner's app?

Even as an admin, in the learner's app you will only see published courseware that is assigned to one of your user groups.


I'm an admin but can't edit content

In order to edit content, you will need to have the "content author" role on your user profile.



This user role can

  • access course progress analytics
  • peer learning features
  • edit learning content.
  • publish content. 



Managers can only see manager dashboards for the user groups assigned to them.

Please check out our step-by-step guide on how to set up a manager dashboard.



This user can review published and drafted content that is assigned to their user group. Remember that reviewer completions will not count towards the analytics. It could be worth creating reviewers a separate login to review content if you would like their completions to count towards analytics in their normal account.

Reviewers' interactions aren't recorded in analytics


What content can Reviewers see?

Reviewers can see draft content but only if it is assigned to them via their user group.


What is an Instructor?

An instructor is a user who can log in to the admin portal and only have access to social learning, discussions and assignments.