Manager Dashboard

Manager Dashboards are a useful way for Admins to involve Managers in tracking performance

Available on the Pro Plan


There are three reports available for Managers

  • Manager Dashboard - subset of analytics from the Performance Dashboard. This allows managers to check aggregated user and course data per user group

  • Course completion by user - subset of analytics as it pertains to the assigned user groups. It shows detailed user/course performance information.

  • Rapid Refresh Quiz Reports - subset of analytics as it pertains to the assigned user groups.


  1. Go to the 'Users' page on the 'Users' tab
  2. Select the user you would like to have access to the manager dashboard
  3. Scroll down to the 'roles' section
  4. Tick the box 'Manager Analytics'

  1. Scroll up to the manager tables
  2. Move the user group this person is going to be the manager of into the right-hand side table
  3. Save 

Users must have the manager role and be assigned a user group in order to see the manager reports.

You can assign managers to user group collections if you'd like them to have an overview of multiple groups

Once the Manager now logs in to they will be able to see the relevant Manager Dashboard. 

There is a 30 minute data delay for these reports.


Data Points

The Manager’s assigned user groups are listed in hierarchy format

  • Expand/collapse collections in the hierarchy by clicking on the arrows

  • Click on a group within the hierarchy to see data relative to that group within the dashboard



Data points that give an overview relative to the group selected

  • Number of Total Users

  • Number of Courses

  • Average Score

  • Average Completion

  • Export data to access raw data of the preferred table.

Three tables show aggregated data relative to the group that has been selected in the hierarchy. You can drill down into further information on the below tables.

Users: Clicking on a username in the Users table shows course completion for courses assigned to the user via the selected group

Course: Clicking on a course in the Course table shows user completion details for the selected course and user group

Sub Groups: Clicking on a group name in the subgroup changes the main dashboard view to that group

    It takes approximately 30 minutes for data to update.