Set up a payment gateway

Learn how you can set up your own store to provide access to your EdApp content!

If you're looking to monetise your content, it's easy to leverage EdApp's API in conjunction with your payment portal to deliver an external payment gateway in a few easy steps. See the webinar below for an example of how Improvement Sciences set this up in under three weeks.


1. Design a landing page to describe your microlearning programme 

Customise this based on your website's look and feel. Highlight the benefits of the course and what the learner can expect to get out of it. 

2. Integrate EdApp API with your payment portal to facilitate payment 

This will sit on your website. Any payment provider that is secure, like Stripe or PayPal, will work with the EdApp API to set this up. Contact us for more information on our suite of API's and to discuss your specific integration requirements. 

User Access 

Once users have paid, they will receive their unique login credentials automatically via email along with instructions to download the app. Once they enter these, they will simply sign in with these credentials to access the content they have purchased.  


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