Staging & Production Accounts

This article is specific to enterprise accounts and is about staging & production accounts

This article is only relevant to those with enterprise accounts





  • Only a few people should have admin/content author access to the production account.
  • Only a few people should have the ability to import courses from Staging to Production.
  • Creating user accounts in Staging:
    • Create an individual user by following this guide
    • Do not use their regular email address--this email should be used in the production account
    • We recommend adding +QA to the email address in the QA account in this format:
  • If you are an admin in both accounts, we recommend linking your Staging & Production accounts. To do so:
    • Ensure you are logged into one of your admin accounts. 
    • Navigate to the dropdown next to your account name. 
    • Select: Link an Account.
    • Login with the credentials of the account(s) you'd like to link.
    • Once linked, you can switch between your accounts using the 'switch accounts' button.

Course import access is granted via a user group set up by your account manager - if you are unclear of the name of it, please ask your account manager.

When a Course is Finalised and Ready for Import to Production

  • Ensure that your course is in draft mode.
  • Notify the admin with import access.
  • Let the import admin know:
    • To whom it should be assigned.
    • Any other account configurations required.
    • Which original course should be linked if translations are required.


Best Practices

  • Author to publish course in Staging once published in Production account.
    • This way you can tell at a glance in Staging what is currently Production. 
  • Course Collections to be created in the Staging account for each team. 
    • Example: Course Collection called ABC will have all of ABC’s courses within it (helps with organisation).
  • Limit the amount of back and forth when importing.
  • If you’re adding new lessons or new topics, please make a new course.
  • If you require edits:
    • Put the course back into draft
    • Make edits in the Staging course then import once again into Production. 
    • This overwrites your existing course and applies updates. 
    • Analytics will be retained.




Courses can only be imported one way - from Staging to Production i.e. You will not be able to import from Production to Staging.

The table below shows an outline of when updates will be made, or when a course will be copied (new course created):

Scenario 1

Staging Account >

Production Account

Staging Account >

Production Account

Course A created

Course A

Make updates on Course A 

Course A is updated (not a copy)

Scenario 2

Course A created

Course A

Duplicate course A = Course B

Course B


How to Import from Staging to Production

Courseware > Courses

Dropdown Arrow next to ‘Create a course’ > Import Courses

Search for a catalog > Select the instance you want to import the course from

Search for courses > Select the course you would like to import > Import # Course(s)