Create an Individual User

As an Admin on EdApp, you can easily create individual users by following the steps in this article.

As an Admin on EdApp, you can create individual users. This post covers how to set up individual users. 

  1. Log in to LMS (
  2. From the dashboard select the ‘Users’ option in the menu bar.  
  3. Select the ‘Users’ option. It is the second option in the list. 

4. Once on the 'Users' page click on 'Create user' button to the right-hand side.

5. You need to input the username of the new user (usually an email address) and a password. To check our password requirements, click here.

6. Choose which user group you would like them to be part of 

7. Select the permissions you would like them to have in the roles section. To read more about the various permissions available on EdApp visit here.

8. Add any information to the user profile section which will be populated with the custom fields you have set up.

9. Click save

You have just successfully created an individual user.

*Useful to note – if the new user is intended to have extended permissions (e.g. reviewer) they should be created as a learner initially, then Admins can assign the permissions later in the process.