Difference between scores and stars

Scores and stars are different engagement features that work independently of each other.






Scores are calculated on how many questions are answered correctly in one lesson attempt.

Each lesson is worth 100 points and is divided equally among the game and interactive slides e.g. If you have 10 interactive slides in a lesson, each one would be worth 10 points.

A course score is the average of your best lesson scores.



Use weighting to determine the importance of this question when a user’s score is calculated. A higher weight means a correct or incorrect answer will have a greater effect on the final score.








Stars are awarded for correct interactions. Once a star is unlocked and added to a learner’s star tally it cannot be won again.

Think of stars as a currency; once you’ve won a star it can be played at EdApp’s Star Bar, and then once it’s played in the Star Bar it is removed from the learner’s star tally.  You may return to a lesson to try and achieve all the stars offered.

Once all the stars have been won, a learner cannot achieve more, therefore there is a max on how many stars can be won. 

You typically get a default of 1 star per interactive slide (image/word match and letter jumble default to 5 stars) unless the author assigns more stars to a particular slide.

There is no maximum amount of stars you can set for a lesson e.g. if you have 10 interactive slides, the default stars will typically be 10 stars for the lesson.

If you have a game slide with 10 questions on that one slide, it'll still be assigned 1 star (unless changed by the author).

By default, the number of stars awarded for a correct answer matches the weight of a question. You can override this if you want to reward a user without affecting their score.


What do the points in the games mean?

The points a learner earned in a game slide are not the same as the lesson score or stars. However, stars are awarded for high points earned on that slide, and high points will also boost the lesson score.

If you would like to learn more on how to configure your game template and available stars and points, go here.


Do stars or scores contribute to the Leaderboard?

Leaderboards are a representation of scores achieved during the start and end date of the leaderboard.

Stars do NOT contribute to the leaderboard














Are points deducted for incorrect answers?
Points are NOT deducted for incorrect answers in games or interactive slides.


How is the learner's score impacted if they redo the questions?
If the author has set a minimum score on the lesson, the learner cannot move back to re-do a question. If there is no minimum score, the learner will be able to re-do a question and the score will take into account the latest answer.