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Q: How does the scoring work with lessons? 

As you take courses, you’ll see a score on each lesson. Lessons have a maximum score of 100. The scoring is spread out across all slides except content slides. So, if a lesson has 10 slides, with 5 slides being reinforcement slides, then these will be worth 20% of the final score each. The more questions the user gets right, the higher their score will be.


Q: If my users complete courses more than once, in the course completion by user report, which score does it take?

In this report, the user's best score will show on the report. If you want to see all scores from a specific user, you can head to the user's content drill down. This is found under the "users" section of the analytics tab.


Q: What does the score in the leaderboards mean?

Each lesson is worth 100 points, and the points earned for each lesson populate the leaderboard. Scores earnt while the leaderboard is live will be accumulated to move users up and down the leaderboard.


Q: Are scores and stars the same thing?

Scores and stars are different engagement features. Think of stars as a currency. As you take lessons, you’ll earn stars. Then you can spend those stars to play for prizes in your account. Each lesson is always out of 100 points, while the amount of stars can be changed and configured in each course. 


Q: As a learner, where do I see my scores?

You can view all of your scores on a lesson level, and a course level. When you open a course, you will see your score out of 100% on the progress bar. When you open any lesson, you will see your score out of 100% on the progress bar.


Q: If I re-take a course, what happens to my score?

Your best score out of all attempts will be displayed on the course and populate to the analytics suite as well as your leaderboard(s). 


Q: If I move my user to a different user group, what happens to their score?

All scores and stars are linked to a user, no matter what user group the user is in, their scores and stars will always move with them. 


Q: How does the scoring in the games templates work? 

A learner gets 500 points for every correct answer.

If the timer is left enabled the score is calculated by = Total no of correctly answered questions / Total no of interactive or scoring questions

If the times is disabled the score is calculated by = Total no of stars earned / Total no of interactive or scoring questions.

If the timer is disabled, the amount of points to get all stars but be changed to still enable the learner to get max stars.

For example, if you have only 3 questions configured but the user must get 10000 points to win all stars then the learner needs to answer 20 questions, but they only get presented 3. Therefore for 3 questions, the all stars field should be max 1500. 


Q: As an admin, how do I check the score of a learner?

You can head to the course completion by user report, if you export this data you will get a breakdown of the average score that users have earnt on the lessons in their courses. You can also go to a users content drilldown to see score about specific lessons.