Q: What are leaderboards?

Leaderboards offer a new way for admins and learners to track activity individually and on a user group level. Learners earn points on the best score for every lesson, when the leaderboard is configured to a time period, any scores won in a lesson will transfer to a leaderboard.


Q: Where can I set up a leaderboard?

Leaderboards can be found in the ‘Engage’ section of the admin portal. See the following guide for a step-by-step process of how to set up leaderboard.


Q: Where do scores come from for leaderboards?

The scores come from the lessons that users complete. A user can get a maximum score of 100 per lesson.


Q. What is the maximum score a user can earn on a leaderboard? 

This depends on how many lessons are available to the learner. The total score will max out once all lessons are taken, unless more are added. 


Q: Can learners get a higher score by retaking a lesson?

Learners can get higher scores by retaking lessons but the leaderboard will only take the best score for that lesson. The learner will never be able to accumulate a score of more than 100 on a lesson, no matter how many times they take it.


Q: Do I have to input the score of each learner into the leaderboard?

No, as soon as a learner earns a score within the time frame the leaderboard has been set to, their score will be automatically populated into the leaderboard.


Q: Can my learners see the leaderboard?

You can allow them to see the leaderboard when you tick the “Learner Access” on when configuring the leaderboard. 


Q: Can I make leaderboard admin facing only?

You can limit visibility of the leaderboard to admin only when you untick the “Learner Access” when configuring the leaderboard. 


Q: How do I assign users to my leaderboard?

You assign users to a leaderboard in the “Participants” section of configuration. Admins can set up either a group leaderboard or an individual leaderboard.

Note: Assigning separate leaderboards to different groups of learners is only available on EdApp Pro plans. 


Q: What is the difference between a group leaderboard and an individual leaderboard?

A group leaderboard allows the admin to assign one user group collection, this means user groups will be competing against other user groups. An individual leaderboard allows the admin to assign one user group, this means users will compete directly against other users in their user group.


Q: Can I set up a leaderboard to start in the future?

Yes, you can choose the date you want the leaderboard to start and end when setting up the leaderboard.


Q: I have scheduled the dates for my leaderboard, but what time does it start and end on those dates?

Selecting Start Date as a date in the future sets the time to 00:00 AM on the start day.  End Date sets the time to 11:59:59 PM on the end day.


Q: Can I backdate scores that my learners have earned before the leaderboard starts?

No, you can’t backdate any scores. The only scores that will count to the leaderboards are the scores that are earned after the leaderboard has started.


Q: Can I add users to the leaderboard after it has started?

Yes, you can by adding them to the relevant user group. However, any scores they have earned before being added to the leaderboard will not be counted towards the leaderboard.


Q: One of my learners has disappeared from the leaderboard, what has happened?

The user has probably been removed from the targeted user group or user group collection. Make sure you check the 'User Group' page to see if they are still part of the group or collection. 


Q: Why can my user still see the leaderboard after it is finished?

Leaderboards remain accessible to learners so they can look back at their scores. If you would like the leaderboard to be hidden to learners once it is finished you will need to untick the “Learner Access” on the leaderboard configuration. 


Q: On the learner’s app, what does the star next to the group name mean?

This star denotes the user group that the learner is part of and therefore the team their score is contributing to.


Q: Do Brain Boost scores count towards leaderboards?

No, Brain Boost scores do not count towards leaderboards.


Q. Are leaderboard scores available via the API? 

No, they are not available via the API. 


Q: How does status work in the list?

  • Course → Draft until course is live to learners, leaderboard status will then update to live

  • Quiz → Draft if Quiz is in scheduled status. Leaderboard goes live when quiz goes live to learners

  • Individual → Draft until leaderboard start date, leaderboard status will then update to live

  • Group → Draft until leaderboard start date, leaderboard status will then update to live


Q: What do the status' mean?

  • Draft → Learner cannot see it (because course is not published)

  • Published → Learner can see it and can participate in the leaderboard actively (available and active)

  • Ended → Learner can see it but cannot participate any more (e.g. within the 10 days after the course has ended)

  • Ended → Learner cannot see it (because course has ended)