Invite a User to EdApp with an invite code

Inviting users to EdApp has never been easier.

Click here to download a PDF user guide for logging in with an invite code.

Users can be invited to EdApp in a variety of ways. Inviting users via invite code is a good option if you would like to share access to your program via your own communication channels or if you would like to extend access beyond your own network.

Invite codes can be used in two ways: admins can create invite codes for the whole account or for a user group. In this post, we explain how to invite users via a unique invite code that is specific to your program.

1. To set an account-wide Invite Code, navigate to 'Registration'

This is found under the 'Users' tab. Here is where admins can create a unique invite code to distribute to all users in order to grant them access to the account. Requirements include that the invite code must be at least 4 characters long and unique.

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 5.55.19 pm

Tip: We recommend a mixture of letters and numbers to make your code unique.

When the user logs in with the unique code, the Admin can decide what information they are required to fill out via the registration fields. Admins also have the capability to decide if the user needs to be verified by an admin before access is granted.

2. To set a User Group invite code, navigate to 'User Groups'

Note: User Group invite codes are only available on EdApp Pro plans. 

User group invite codes are arranged on a user group level during set up or through user group editing. Admins can set a unique invite code that is specific to this user group. When applied on the log in screen, the learners are automatically assigned to this user group. Admins are also able to verify users for these invite codes.

You do not need to click "enable invite codes" on the registration page for invite codes to work on a user group level.

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 5.51.43 pm

Go to the 'User Groups' section under the 'Users' tab. Click on 'New user group' to create a new group. You can name the group and choose the option "Allow registration to this group with an invite code", you can then create your unique code for users to apply when logging in for the first time.

Tip: We recommend a mixture of letters and numbers to make your code unique.


We have now made it even easier for you to create custom guides to help your learner to log in. Click here to download a template and example of a learner guide. Once you have downloaded the document you can open it and follow the template to brand it in line with your organisation's guidelines. 

Here is the example of what it could look like: