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Language Translation

Q: How do I translate a course?

Upon publishing, click on Set Up > Languages, 'New translation" and then you can choose to AI Translate or Manually Translate.

(Note: AI Translate is only available on Paid Plans)


Q: What is a linked course?

When courses are linked, learners are automatically delivered the version of the course that matches their device’s language settings.


Q: How do I link a course?

After you choose a locale when translating a course, make sure the automatic linking option is ticked. Click on 'Access Translated Course', then click on the dropdown translation menu to switch between the different translated versions.


Q: How many languages can I translate courseware into?

You can translate an entire course into over 100 languages with the click of a button. 


Q: Can I link courses if I didn’t use the AI translation feature?

Yes, Admins can choose to link other courses. Click on the '+ Link a Course' button to choose what courses you would like to link to the original (these should include a course per language for each set of linked courses). A modal pop-up will populate all courses within your account for Admins to choose from. Choose what language the course you are linking is in. Once that is done, click on Link this Course 


Q: How do I unlink courses?

Under the 'More' tab of the original course, Admins can unlink courses via the icon on the linked course cards. Unlinked courses function as separate courses.


Q: How do I make sure learners see courseware in their native language?

To do so, you just need to use our linking feature and assign the appropriate user groups to the original course in the 'Access Rules' tab. 


Q: How do I edit a translated course?

Once a course is translated, it can be reviewed by a native speaker and edited from the creator tool. Edits will apply only to the course that is being edited directly. 


Q: Can I translate one course into multiple languages?

Yes! You can translate an entire course into over 100 languages with the click of a button. 


Q: Does a course need to be reviewed after it is AI-translated?

Yes, although the translation has a very high accuracy rate, the course will need to be reviewed for accuracy and for brand/industry-specific terms by a native speaker. 


Q: Will push notifications be automatically translated?

Push notifications are not automatically translated, but you can write custom push notifications in the language of your choosing. 


Q: What does linking and translating courses look like for the learner?

If a user’s device is in English, they will see the English course. If the user's device is in French, then they will only see the French course. If their device language is not compatible with any of the linked courses then it will default to the original English course.


Q: What is the effect of unlinking translated courses?

Unlinked courses function as separate courses in EdApp.


Q: Can I add briefcase documents to translated/linked courses?

Yes, you can add briefcase documents to translated/linked courses, as well as the original course. 


 Q: Do linked translation courses work within Paths?

Yes, they do!


 Q: Can you add lessons to translated courses after they have been translated?

Yes, you can add lessons and make edits to translated courses from the creator tool. You can not AI translate a course for a second time, however. 


Q: Can you configure brain boost on the translated course?



Q: What happens if I put the original course in draft mode?

If the original is drafted then all translated versions will be drafted. You can also choose to unlink and do drafting/publishing for each one separately.


Q: Can you change the language in the learners app?

No, this is based on the learner’s device language. We will soon have a second iteration of this feature to allow users to choose the language they’d prefer to take the course in.


Q: Can you link two courses in the same language for the same course?

You can’t link the same language at this time. Each original course can only have one linked course per language.


 Q: If you edit the original course does it edit the translated version?

No, edits will need to be made separately in each course.


Q. Can you change the direction the content appears in? 

Yes. This will be done automatically when translating into languages like Arabic which read right to left. Navigate to the lesson and the 'More' tab. Adjust the language.


Q. If I edit a course that’s been translated, will the translated course automatically update as well?

No, those two courses function separately. You would have to re-translate the original course.