You can quickly and easily set up a leaderboard to improve engagement within your program.


Leaderboards offer a new way for Admins and learners to track activity individually and in a user group. They motivate learners, as well as add additional incentives to return to the app on a daily basis. Learners earn points every month/quarter/year based on the best score for every lesson which has been attempted during this month/quarter/year. They are a proven method to support competence and increase social engagement. 

Learners can earn a maximum of 100 points per lesson and the more interactions they get right, the more points they will get.

*Useful to note  - If a learner attempts a lesson multiple times, only the highest score will be counted towards the learner's leaderboards.

Step 1: Log in to the LMS and navigate to 'Engage' > 'Leaderboards'. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 5.36.05 pm

Step 2: Configure settings 

Name: Learners will see the name of the leaderboard in the app, so make sure this is something engaging and relevant.

Learner Access: Check this box to enable learners to view  the leaderboard. If you want to keep this for admins only, leave unticked.

Select your user groups to participate in the Leaderboard. All users in this user group will compete against each other as individuals.

Admins will need to choose whether the leaderboard is a group leaderboard (where only one user group collection can be selected) or an individual leaderboard (where only one user group can be selected). This cannot be changed after creation.

Admins need to schedule each leaderboard with a start and end date. The start date cannot be in the past and cannot be changed if it has already started. The end date cannot be changed after the leaderboard has ended.

*Useful to note – users can be added to any leaderboard after it has started but any scores earned before being added will not be carried over to the leaderboard.