Leaderboards offer a great way for admins and learners to track activity. They motivate learners and additional incentives to return to the app on a daily basis.


Set up

Group Leaderboards

Individual Leaderboards


Course Leaderboards are in a separate article


Learners earn points every month/quarter/year based on the best score for every lesson which has been attempted during this month/quarter/year. They are a proven method to support competence and increase social engagement. 

Learners can earn a maximum of 100 points per lesson and the more interactions they get right, the more points they will get.

If a learner attempts a lesson multiple times, only the highest score will be counted towards the learner's leaderboards.

Learners need to be already created, and in the User Group or User Group Collection selected before the leaderboard is created in order to appear on the leaderboard.







Step 1: Log in to the LMS and navigate to 'Engage' > 'Leaderboards'.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 5.36.05 pm


Step 2: Create a Leaderboard

Once you are on this page you will be able to see all the types of leaderboards that are configured in your account (if any).

Board types:

  • Individual learners in a user group go head-to-head
  • Groups under a user group collection go head-to-head e.g. Sydney group versus Brisbane group
  • Course leaderboard counts individuals' scores on that specific course
  • Quiz - leaderboard for a Rapid Refresh quiz


Tells you whether the leaderboard is draft, published or ended.

You may need to go to the course or Rapid Refresh itself to change the settings in order to change the status of these leaderboards. 

The delete button is greyed out on the course and quiz leaderboards as they need to be disabled on the course/Rapid Refresh itself.


Step 3: Configure settings 

Name: Learners will see the name of the leaderboard in the app, so make sure this is something engaging and relevant.

Learner Access: Check this box to enable learners to view the leaderboard. If you want to keep this for admins only, leave it unticked.

Admins will need to choose whether the leaderboard is a group leaderboard or an individual leaderboard (where only one user group can be selected).

This cannot be changed after creation.


Group Leaderboards

Select one user group collection, and the groups under that collection will compete against each other.

In this example, APAC user group collection is selected. So the groups under that, Sydney and Hong Kong will compete as a collective

Assigning leaderboards to different groups is only available on EdApp Pro plans. 



Individual Leaderboards

The individuals under one user group will compete against each other.

Users can be added to any leaderboard after it has started, but any scores earned before being added will not be carried over to the leaderboard.



Schedule each leaderboard with a start and end date.

The start date cannot be in the past and cannot be changed once started.

The end date cannot be changed after the leaderboard has ended.

Learners will be able to toggle between 'global' view and 'team' view when on a Course or Rapid Refresh leaderboard.

  • Global view shows their progress against everyone else who is assigned to the course
  • Team view shows their progress with their user group against other user groups.