Training Matrix

The training matrix offers a detailed overview of mandatory training and competencies for your workforce.

What is the Training Matrix?

How to view the Training Matrix?

Training Matrix Statuses


Please note that this feature is currently in Early Access. 

An Early Access feature is a feature that's ready to be used, but still undergoing fine-tuning as we:

  • Capture more feedback and refine the feature.

  • Find the market fit for the problem it's trying to solve.

  • Release the feature in phases to minimize the impact should problems come up.




What is the Training Matrix?

Utilizing the training matrix allows for a seamless training needs analysis, guaranteeing that each user or user groups meets its training requirements. By simplifying the management of employee development and compliance, the training matrix facilitates the identification and resolution of training gaps efficiently.

Course completion by users provides a simple view of which courses each user is assigned and how they're progressing, and the training matrix offers an easy way to assess each user's competencies based on what training they're required to complete.

If you want to view training performance across your organization in detail, consider using the performance dashboard.


How to view the Training Matrix?

1. Go to the ''Analytics'' tab then click ''Training Matrix''.

2. On this page, you can assess each user's progress in mandatory and recurring courses within your organization. You can also determine the number of courses each user must complete, those already completed, and those that are still pending to bridge the gap.

3. You can simply click on the Users and User Groups button to conveniently filter the Users' and User Group's information.

4. To access more Filters, simply click on ''More Filters'' and select the status of each course.

5. You can also filter out the specific data points that you want to be included in the report before exporting it.


Training Matrix Statuses


image The course has been completed.
image The course hasn't been started yet.
image The course has been started but hasn't been completed yet. If the course is due in less than 14 days, the status becomes image.
image The course hasn't been completed yet and it's due in less than 14 days.
image The course hasn't been completed yet and is past its due date.
image The course is not required to be completed by the user.