What is the difference between scores and stars?

Scores and stars are different engagement features that work independently of each other.

Score - Scores are calculated on how many questions are answered correctly in one lesson attempt. The lesson score is a representation of how many questions were answered correctly in that lesson attempt. Each lesson is worth 100 points (regardless of how many slides and/or questions are included within the lesson). A course score is the average of your best lesson scores.

Stars - Stars can be offered at various locations within a lesson, awarded for correct interactions. However, once a star is unlocked and added to a learner’s star tally it cannot be won again. Think of stars as a currency; once you’ve won a star it can be played at EdApp’s Star Bar, and then once it’s played in the Star Bar it is removed from the learner’s star tally.  Where lesson scores are unique to each lesson play, yet you may return to a lesson over and over again to try and achieve all the stars offered. Once all the stars have been won, a learner cannot achieve more - therefore there is a max on how many stars can be won. 

What do the points in the games mean?

The points a learner earned in a game slide are not the same as the lesson score or stars. However, stars are awarded for high points earned on that slide, and high points will also boost the lesson score.

If you would like to learn more on how to configure your game template and available stars and points, go here.

Do stars or scores contribute to the Leaderboard?

Leaderboards are a representation of scores achieved during the start and end date of the leaderboard.

They are not related to stars.