When and Why to use prizing as an Engagement Tactic

Need some help with prizing tactics? This article has you covered!

Prize draws are proven motivators for users to complete their learning. Users feel more inspired to take part in learning if it is incentivized, even with something small such as a $5 e-voucher to a coffee shop. Learners earn stars throughout their lessons by answering questions correctly. Stars can then be used as a form of currency on EdApp’s Star Bar where they can win real prizes purchased and configured by an Admin. There are multiple games Admins can configure (in App Settings) for users to play. Prizing emails with redemption instructions are sent instantly to the winner’s inbox as EdApp will use the email address linked with this user. 


What are the benefits of prizing, and why does it work?

  • Increases learner motivation & knowledge

    • As the desire to win prizes grows, learners are motivated to return to content in order to earn all the stars available so they may play to win prizes. Inherently, repeating lesson interactions increases knowledge retention.

    • Increases learner engagement

      • When learners know they are going to be rewarded for their learning and efforts, they move from passive observers and turn into active participants. By associating the learning with a more favorable experience through gamification, your learners will more effectively absorb information and commit it to long-term memory.

      • It creates a learning habit

        • In addition to earning stars in courseware, stars are also available to learners as a daily reward for opening the app. Encouraging learners to return to the ‘classroom’ every day increases the exposure they have to content, and creates a learning habit. If a learner does not open EdApp in a 24 hour period, the opportunity to earn those stars is lost.

        • Learners also receive frequent automated push notifications right from EdApp when there are prizes available. This prompts learners to open the app on a daily basis, thus increasing their retention of knowledge and making their learning habitual.

        • It makes learning fun and interactive

          • Similar to a traditional leaderboard, learners can see a live feed of prize-winners. When learners win a prize, EdApp prompts its winners to share their experience with fellow team members via a short comment for fellow learners. 

          • This real-time feed further encourages active participants and creates a feeling of immersion and community for active participants. The recognition of your colleagues winning tangible prizes and the motivational comments left by past winners further fuels motivation towards training.


            When to use prizing

            • During a launch

              • When prizing is used during a launch, whether this be your first launch, or you’re launching a set of courseware for a particular campaign, it creates a buzz about the program.

              • You can incorporate information and imagery about the prizes in your internal communications to promote the program and increase the timeliness of learner registrations. 

              • With consistency

                • While you can offer the chance to win a single, large prize, our experience dictates that offering multiple, small prizes (such as free coffees or food vouchers) is more effective for training programs. When learners know their participation is rewarded, the chance for engagement is higher. 

                • With many prizes available, there is a lesser chance you will run out and your automated prizing push notifications will stop sending.