Our top tips!

Q: How many slides per lesson?

We recommend 8-12 slides per lesson to ensure they are microlessons and don't take the learner a long time to complete. However, some lesson may need to be longer or shorter due to the amount of knowledge that will be transferred to learners. 


Q: How many lessons per course?

We recommend 4-6 lessons per course so that a course completion can be achievable in around 20-30 minutes.


Q: How many courses per playlist?

We recommend 4-6 courses per playlist!


Q: How many interactive slides to content slides?

We recommend maintaining a ratio of 1 interactive slide to every 3 content slides.


Q: How many lessons to release per week?

It depends on the learning programme/ learners as different topics may require different releases of coinciding topics. We recommend releasing a whole course at one time, so this can include the recommended 4-6 lessons!


Q: How many courses to release per week?

Again, it depends on the learning programme/ learners as different topics may require different releases of coinciding topics. We recommend releasing a course per week to maintain learner engagement.


Q: The length of videos?

We recommend keeping videos to around 2-3 minutes to fit in with the microlearning principles. However, we understand some have to sometimes be longer in order to help users understand the full concept, they can always be added in the briefcase. 


Q: What should I write as an invite code?

We recommend having an invite code that is unique by using a mix of letters and numbers, as well as making it specific to your programme.


Q: How often should I send push notifications?

If you have them enabled, automatic push notifications will be delivered daily to your users if they are logged in on the platform and have the notifications enabled. You don't want to overwhelm your learners with custom notifications, so sending a notification with a purpose is best. This could be when a new course is out or a prize draw has begun. 


Q: How often should I set up a leaderboard?

Leaderboards are a fantastic engagement feature to help you to encourage your learners to get into the programme. We advise running leaderboards when releasing new courseware or having them set up for certain time frames. For example, a quarterly leaderboard could work to highlight the best learners for that quarter!


Q: How often should I set up a prize draw?

Like Leaderboards, prize draws are also great for encouraging learners to complete their learning programme. Prize draws can be used in the launch phase of a programme to encourage early adoption and throughout to maintain a learning habit from users.


Q: Can I add lessons to my course after it has been published? 

We recommend to not add lessons to courses after it has been published and made available to learners, it won't be reflected in the analytics. Once the completion has be earned on a course, it can't be retracted even if you add new lessons.