The Narration template enables you to upload pre-recorded content to add to your lessons.


Use Case


Other templates that support mp3


Use Case

Whether it’s covering information, verbally exploring concepts more holistically or accommodating auditory learning styles, applying narration to your microlessons can provide a wealth of benefits.


The maximum file size for MP3 is 40MB.


You can supplement any Content template with narration (e.g. a Title slide)

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the content editor
  2. To upload audio, press "Click or drag a new file here to change audio"
  3. Select the file which you would like to use – make sure to select a .mp3 file. 
  4. The audio automatically plays when the user reaches the slide within the lesson.


It’s important to wait for the upload to finish before moving on to edit any other slides. The upload time may vary depending on the length of the recording.

The narration you have uploaded won't play in the creator tool, to not disrupt your authoring experience. To test the mp3 file you have uploaded for your narration, you can either:

See the "Reviewing Courses" article here for more on how to review your courses before they are live to learners. 


Other templates that support mp3

The two templates below also support MP3 and can be played on demand.

  • Media Collection
  • Scrolling Media

Both templates will have sections with a sound tab, which you can select to upload an mp3.

Naration 2.2

If you can't hear any narration, check if your device has any of these settings active or if the uploaded file is corrupted. 
1. The phone mode might be set to Silent, Mute or Do Not Disturb mode.
2. For IOS users, the mute/ringer slider on the side of the phone might be set to mute/off.  
3. The uploaded sound file may not be supported, is corrupted, or there is no sound at all recorded in the file.