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Sharing Your Content

Q: How can I share my content with learners?

You can share this content by providing your learners with an invite link or code which they can use upon sign up. This will enable them to have access to your course and record the completion rates in the LMS. 


Q: Can I export my lessons?

Yes, you can export by SCORM or by PDF. You can export by PDF by going to the lesson settings, navigating to the ‘More’ tab, and clicking ‘View lesson content'.


Q: Can I share a URL of my lesson?

Yes you can, by going to the access rules of your lesson and clicking on "share this lesson". REMEMBER - this feature will not allow you to record any completions. 


Q: Can I share a URL of my course?

No, you can only share a URL of lessons. The setting is called 'Share this lesson' inside the Lesson Settings. (This is mainly used for previewing/demo purposes, no analytics are saved when learners use this)