Alternatives To White Labelling

EdApp is a Microlearning Platform with Rapid Authoring, Free Editable Course Library and Mobile Learning. This article is going to discuss our alternative solutions to white labelling.

Although EdApp does not provide a white labelling capability, we have many alternative options that will give your learners the full brand experience of your organisation. 

Lesson and Course Branding

Lessons and courses are the bread and butter of your whole learning programme! These are the elements that your learners are going to be spending the most time interacting with. Therefore, this is the perfect place to start with white labelling alternatives. 


Course Branding

If you decide to brand your course, rather than individual lessons this could save you some time! Once you have branded the course, all the lessons created within the course will follow the same branding, kind of like an 'apply to all' situation.

To find the course branding section on the admin tool, you need to find the course you want to brand on the 'courses' page, then click on it. 

You then want to head to the 'Branding' tab. 

Here you will find a couple of different branding options.

Thumbnail – this is the small icon that is representative of the course. These do not show up to learners, they are on the LMS only

Cover Image – these show up as the course tiles on the learner's app and on top of the user’s screen when they click into the course. We recommend not using a picture that is too busy as you still want your learners to be able to read the course title and description that is on top of the picture. 

You can also choose if you want the text over the top to be black or white depending on the theme colours of your cover image.

Lesson Background – this will be the background of all templates. We recommend a picture that isn't too busy, so that the lesson elements can still be seen. You can edit the picture to be darker with white writing overlaid or the picture can be lighter with black writing overlaid. This editing can also be done through the Canva button. To choose the text colour you will need to choose an option in the 'color scheme' section.


Lesson Logo – the company logo can be inputted here to appear in the top left of the screen for users throughout lessons – we recommend using a logo without a background. 

If you are struggling to find images for your branding you can use our Canva button or find images from free stock image websites like Unsplash or Pexels.


Lesson Branding

If you would like to have all the lessons in your course branded differently then you can choose to do just lesson branding. This can be found by going into the lesson you would like to brand and clicking on the 'branding' tab.

By default, the 'use course branding' button will be ticked. To create your own lesson branding. untick this button then you can upload a background, logo and choose a colour scheme. You can also use the Canva button to create and upload a background and logo.


Custom CSS

Custom CSS is a programming language that tells your device or browser how to display your lesson content. It can be used to control the different elements to your lesson such as the fonts and buttons. To see a detailed article on Custom CSS, please click here.

The Custom CSS box is located in the 'branding' tab just below the branding options we have already discussed in this article. This can be enabled on a lesson and course level. If enabled for a course, then all the lessons that are in the course will follow the same Custom CSS rules. Custom CSS can also be enabled on a lesson level if you want each of the lessons to have a different style. 


Logo On The Sign Up Page

If you are using invite codes to have your learner's sign up to the platform, then you can upload a custom logo to the registration page. This will be seen by your learners upon sign up.

To find this feature, you need to navigate to the 'registration' page under the 'users' tab. 


You will then be able to see a tick box with 'display custom logo', please tick the box and click on the 'upload custom logo' button to upload directly from your device.

Once it has been uploaded this is what your learners will see upon sign up:


Splash Screen

Splash screens are popup screens that appear to learners:

Web Version – Once configured by the Admin, the user will not see the splash screen on the first time they logged in. They will start to see the screen from the 2nd time the user logs in and the splash screen will show to the user once every 24 hours.

App Version -  Once configured by the Admin, the splash screen will only show on a cold launch. A cold launch is when the app is closed so it is not running in the background of a user’s phone.

Splash screens can be configured in 'app settings', for a guide to setting up Splash Screens, please click here.

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 6.23.40 pm


Branding On Learner Guides

We have now made it even easier for you to create custom guides to help your learner to log in. Click here to download a template and example of a learner guide. Once you have downloaded the document you can open it and follow the template to brand it in line with your organisation's guidelines. 

Here is the example of what it could look like: