Create a Course/Lesson

Creating a course with EdApp is super easy using our Creator Tool.

EdApp content can be structured in a number of ways but the most common structure is a course/lesson level.

screen-capture (22) (5)

1. Navigate to Content > Courses > 'Create Course'.




2. Fill in or set up the Course Picture, Course Title, and Course Description (or do it later).

Keep the course drafted until you are ready for learners to see it. To learn more about how to publish a course, visit here.


Course configuration: Select the gear icon settings on the bottom part of the page to access the 'course settings', and navigate through the tabs provided in order to configure different options for your course including Access rules, Briefcase, Engagement, Completion, Translation, etc. COURSE 6

3. Press the (+) button then choose 'standard' to create a normal lesson.

You can create numerous standard lessons within a course (we recommend 4-6). 


4. Edit Lesson Content with the Creator Tool.


Lesson configuration: Configurations are available on the lesson level in 'Lesson settings' by hovering your mouse cursor on the lesson you want and clicking the 3 dots beside it.

In addition to the course configurations in 'Course settings'. Use the tabs provided in order to configure different options for your lesson including Display, Access Rules, Completion, and more!screen-capture (23) (1)

See the article on authoring for a step-by-step guide on creating lesson content!


How to add Slides

To add new slides to your lessons, you'll simply have to hover in the specific in-between lesson slides and click the "plus symbol" ( + ), to add a new slide, and select a template.