PowerPoint Upload

Our PPT upload feature provides a great starting point for converting your content into microlessons.


Converting PPT to EdApp microlessons



One of the easiest ways to get started creating content in EdApp is through our PowerPoint conversion tool. This feature makes it easy to upload an existing file into EdApp to build the starting points for your microlesson. 

Step 1: Prepare your file

You can upload a PPT file a maximum of 100 MB. The upload will pull in everything in the document so be sure to remove any additional text or images you don't want to be converted. 

Top Tips: 

  • Remove anything you don't want in the microlesson (eg. page numbers).
  • Compress your images beforehand. Make sure they are jpeg, jpg or png files. 
  • Remove bullet points unless you want them to display as bullet points. 
  • If you'd like additional functionality on your images, upload them separately after conversion. 
  • Videos, audio files and links will not convert. You can add these after conversion. 
  • The order of text on a slide will be determined by the font size. The largest text will appear first. 

Step 2: Upload 

After logging into the LMS, navigate to the 'Content' dropdown and then choose the 'Course' section. Click the '+Create' button. Select Convert PPT.

ppt up1
ppt up2

Select Immediate Conversion. 


Select the PowerPoint file that you would like to upload. 

Step 3: Review the conversion results

You can review the conversion results against your original PowerPoint slides.

You have the option to select between different slides templates. This allows you to quickly improve the layout of slides before making any advanced edits.

Use the "Simple Image" template for more complex slides. This provides a screenshot of your original slide. 

PowerPoint Upload 2

You can break up larger training courses into microlessons by creating a "new lesson" and moving existing slides into the new lesson. 

We recommend 10-15 slides maximum per lesson to keep the content bite-sized!

Step 3: Edit slide content 

To make advanced edits to slide content, press 'Edit content'. 

This takes you through to our creator tool, where you can update the branding, add new slides, and adjust the content and layout of existing slides. See help articles below for further instructions:

Step 4: Publish and share! 

Once you're happy with your shiny new micro-training, hit publish and share with your learners when ready. That's it! 




Q. What are the requirements for submission? 

This feature is limited to PowerPoint and the maximum file size is 100 MB. 


Q. How do I submit? 

Log in with your Admin credentials to the LMS. Navigate to the 'Course' section of EdApp under the 'Content' dropdown. Press 'Upload PPT' to initiate the process.


Q: What type of file can I upload?

You can only upload PowerPoint files, specifically the pptx format


Q: How can I change a keynote into a pptx?

On your keynote, go to "File" > "Export to..." > "PowerPoint", make sure you choose the "pptx" format on the advanced option. To see a step by step guide, click here.


Q: What do I do when I get a Network error?

Check your internet and please try again.