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Single Sign On

User Guide: Click here to download a user guide PDF about signing in with Single Sign On


Q: What is SSO and how can it help my learners?

SSO (or single-sign-on) provides EdApp with the ability to identify users through an external Identity Provider, or IDP. Instead of registering on the app through an invite link or code or invitation email, users are directed to their company identity portal, to then fill in their company login details, and are redirected back to EdApp. This enables a user to log in to multiple systems via a single portal.


Q: If I configure SSO for my learners, what registration options do I have available?

Depending on how you choose to configure SSO, learners can register by downloading EdApp, tapping SSO, then entering either a Business ID or email address (which must match the business domain established in SSO configuration).


Q: Does EdApp support SSO?

Yes, EdApp supports SSO. To find out more about SSO and how you can get your organization to leverage this feature, please contact us at support@edapp.com. You can check out these articles on authentication and users through the API to help you!

We support single sign on with SAML based systems like Azure Active Directory, Okta, etc. out of the box. This can be configured via the Admin portal in EdApp (https://admin.edapp.com). For more details see our 'SSO Documentation'. 


Q: If SSO is not an option, does EdApp offer any other methods to authenticate users?

If SSO is not an option, we support getting a temporary token through the API which can be passed in the URL to authenticate the user. This token is valid for a limited amount of time. Please request our 'API Documentation' for more info.


Further Resources

Click here to download a user guide PDF about signing in with Single Sign On

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