Tips for helping learners to form learning habits

Microlearning meets habits

Microlearning and habits are essentially two sides of the same coin. Both of them break larger goals into manageable chunks, making it easier for you to achieve them. 

EdApp empowers learners to take their learning anywhere! Gone are the days when you need to be attached to a cumbersome desktop to complete online learning, or put up with clunky browser conversions that are difficult to view and not mobile-friendly. This allows ample opportunity to create learning habits effortlessly and efficiently--especially if you put these features to good use:

      • Brain Boost:  We’ve built this feature around the learning power of spaced repetition. Your users can make time each day for their daily Brain Boost quiz, so you and your learners can say “buh-bye” to the dreaded Forgetting Curve.
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    • Push Notifications: One of the great things about being mobile-first is that you get to use neat features like custom push notifications. These can act as reminders for your learners to head back into the app to complete their courses, which is another great way to nurture good learning habits amongst your users.

    • Leaderboards: Everybody wants to be number 1, and Leaderboards speak to that drive. Send custom push notifications to put winners in the spotlight, and watch as their cohorts strive to earn more points to catch-up. A bit of healthy competition = boosted engagement.


      • Prize Draws: Who doesn’t want to win a prize? Learners certainly do. Create a prize draw, upload a csv sheet of gift cards, and let the fun begin!  This level of engagement is helpful in encouraging your users to embrace the new learning habits you’re aiming to instill.


      • Actionable Reports: Having this kind of visibility means that when learners underperform--you’ll know it.  You’ll also be able to send custom push notifications or emails to these groups of learners with low completion rates.  Re-engage these learners, and guide them back into the app to tackle courses and drive up their completion.

      These features, combined with the principles of microlearning and the flexibility that being mobile-first brings, all work together to provide you with different ways to help your learners to form great learning habits.