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User Registration

Q: How can I invite users to the platform? 

You can invite users to the platform by setting up an invite code, through CSV upload or by setting up their account directly. See this guide for step-by step instructions. 


Q: What is an invite code? 

An invite code is a unique code that you set up for registration purposes. Users register with the code to get access to the content you have assigned them. 


Q: How do I set up an account-wide invite code? 

In the Admin portal, click the 'Users' tab and then 'Registration'. Check the box to enable invite codes and enter an invite code. See this guide for step-by-step instructions. 


Q: How do I set up a user-group specific invite code? 

In the Admin portal, click the 'Users' tab and then 'User Groups'. Click the specific user group and then 'Allow registration to this group with an invite code'. Enter the code.

Note: User Group invite codes are only available on EdApp Pro plans. 


Q: What is CSV upload? 

CSV upload is used to bulk invite users to the platform. See this guide for step-by step instructions. 


Q: Can I customise the registration email users receive? 

You can customise the subject line that is sent to your users. 


Q: Can the registration email be translated?

We do not support this functionality at this time.


Q: How do I set up Single Sign On (SSO)? 

Please speak to a member of our team (hello@edapp.com or your dedicated Client Success Manager) to discuss further. 


Q: How do I register to access my company’s training? 

Download the app or visit edapp.com to sign in with the credentials or invite code you have been provided. See this guide for step-by-step instructions. 


Q: How does a Learner log in? 

A learner logs in through the app or by visiting here: https://web.edapp.com/#login.


Q: How does an Admin/Manager log in? 

To access the Admin portal or Manager’s Dashboard, visit here: https://admin.edapp.com/login. An Admin/Manager can also log in as a learner through the app. 


Q: One of my users has signed up with the wrong email address but started their learning. How can I change this to their right email address without losing their progress?

You need to go on this user's profile and in their email box (at the top of their profile) you can change their old email to the new one. Make sure you click save, then the user can log in with the new email address.


Q: I have tried to sign up a learner but the system is telling me that I can't sign them up. What do I do?

This is most probably because their email address has been used in the system already. Please contact us through our live chat feature or support@edapp.com and a representative will help you to resolve the issue. 


Q: What does archiving a user do?

Archiving a user will delete the user and all their progress. This is something we cannot recover.


Q: What is an "active user"?

A users is "active" when they have completed, unlocked, or opened a lesson during the month. So it should not count learners who only open the app (unless a new lesson was added that the learner hadn't seen before and therefore marked as unlocked).