Assignments Feature

Our Assignments feature is here to help you create an even better learning experience.

We are excited to announce the release of our Assignments feature.

Assignments give admins the capability to pose a question or task to learners who have to submit an entry against the assignment. The assignment can then be graded as pass/ fail/ try again by the Admin who will also leave feedback as a comment for the learner.

Assignments are similar to a lesson in the sense that they sit within a course. They can also be published or drafted like lessons so users can see/ not see them. Assignments can also be assigned to specific user groups or be left on universal access.

Picture 111

Some exciting elements of assignments:

  • Admin’s comments will appear in a darker coloured text bubble for easier recognition
  • Assignments can be made mandatory for a course to be completed
  • Emojis are supported in assignments
  • Users can upload videos (‘.mov’,  ‘.mp4’ and max size 60mb) and photos to assignments

For a step-by-step guide on how to configure this feature, read on. 

Part A: Admin View – How to Set Up the Assignment Feature

To set up the Assignments feature, begin by clicking the dropdown right next to ‘Create a Lesson’.

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Assignments are created within a course similarly to a lessons. They can be created in the drop down next to “create new lesson” by clicking on “create a assignment”.

First, the admin must name the assignment and then input an assignment task. The assignment task will guide the learners on the topic they will be writing about and how best to approach the question. By default, the assignment will be mandatory if not specified otherwise in the “course requirements section” of the course settings (under the “completions” tab).

If admin would like assignment to be mandatory:

If you want the assignment to be mandatory please select the completion requirement in the second part of the assignment tab. The completion requirements include:

- User must submit an assignment and post one comment

- User must submit an assignment

The course will be completed only if learner has completed the assignment by achieving the completion requirement.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 5.44.25 pm

If admin would like the assignment to be optional:

Click the link underneath the completion requirements which will redirect to the course completion settings.

Under the completion requirements, admins can select “specific lessons are required”

Admin can see all lesson in the course are now under the “All lessons” table on the left-hand side.

Everything on the left-hand side “All lessons” table will be optional. So if an assignment is in the “All lessons” table, the assignment will be optional.

If you would like the lessons in your course to still be mandatory to complete the course then please move them over to the “mandatory lesson” side.


*Useful to note – all lessons created after this will automatically fall into the 'all lessons' side, so please move them to the 'mandatory lessons' side if you would like them to be mandatory for completion.


After the Assignment forum is set as optional as per above steps, go back to the 'Assessment' tab. You can find this completion requirement section to be greyed out and non-clickable.

Picture 114

Step 5: Next, set up user group visibility in the last section of the 'Assignment' tab. The Assignment forum will be seen by learners after all settings are configured and 'Published'.

The admin will also be able to set up 'User Group Visibility' in this section and chose one of the two options:

-Users will see submissions from all users with access to the assignment.

-Users will only see submissions from users within their user group.

*Useful to note - the user group configuration is based on the user groups that are given access to the course that this assignment is part of.


The 'Prerequisites' tab allows Admins to choose which lessons need to be complete before the user will have access to the assignment. Any lessons in the 'selected lessons' section will be a prerequisite to the assignment.

Picture 115

There is a guide underneath the tables that will indicate what type of lesson style the Admin is moving.

The Admin will also be able to set access dates on the assignment. This means that the assignment will have a small 'locked' symbol until the access date. It can also be locked after a certain date to end the assignment when the Admin desires.

The Admin can access the submissions within the assignment by clicking on 'view submissions' button at the top right of the assignment’s settings page. The next page will discuss this page in further detail.

Part B: Admin View – Instructor Page for the Assignment Feature

Step 1: You can access this page from the 'Peer Learning' dropdown at the top. Click 'Assignment'.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 5.58.52 pm

Step 2: You will see a high-level summary page with the below information:

  • Course name
  • Assignment title under that course
  • Completion rate – number of learners who have passed the Assignment/the number of learners assigned to this Assignment
  • Number of not graded Assignments
  • A column with visual indication to indicate when there is new activity (new post or new comment).

Step 3: Click the 'Assignment' title. This will lead you to see submissions from all learners sorted by status. 

The Admin can then explore the assignment further by clicking on the relevant assignment. This will navigate the Admin to the assignment page where the Admin will be able to view all submissions and their graded status. The status can be:

1.Pending grade (blue in colour) – this submission needs to be graded by the Admin.

2.Passed (light grey in colour) – this submission has been passed by the Admin and the learner does not need to take anymore action.

3.Try again (dark grey in colour) – the learner needs to attempt the submission again in order for it to be passed by the Admin.

Picture 117

Step 4a: There, you can click 'View Submission' and it will direct you to the detailed page of the Assignment, which is divided into two sections. The first section is for submission and grading.

Step 4b: The second section is for comments and replies. Scroll down to see other learners’ comments where they can enter a reply by using the conversation box under the post. After entering the reply, click 'Publish' so that your comments can be seen by others.

Step 5: On the left-hand side, the sidebar will display both the Assignment task along with the details and link to the learners’ submissions.  

Step 6: You can also access assignment configuration settings by clicking a button on top of the page that says 'Configure Assignment Settings'.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 5.50.45 pm

Part C: Learner’s App

When a learner clicks onto a course they will be able to see all types of lessons configured by the admin (lessons, assignments or discussions) with a visual indicator to help differentiate.

If the assignment has been set as mandatory:

Once the learner clicks into the assignment, there will be two status’ a learner: 'Complete' and 'Incomplete'. Learners can click the status icon which will lead to a pop-up message that shows them the requirement to complete this assignment. After viewing the requirement, learner can click 'ok' to close the message.

Picture 1-11112


If the assignment has been set as optional:

The learners will not see a status button.

Learners can click into the assignment and it will direct the learner to see all the submission available to them if they have already put forward their own submission. Learners will not see other learner’s submissions until they have submitted at least one attempt themselves. If they have not yet put forward an attempt they will only see the screen to enter a submission.

Once the learner clicks on the submission they have entered, they will receive a grade from the admin which will appear at the top of their screen when on the assignment. This will guide them to what they need to do next e.g. “try again” means the learner will need to re-submit a new version of the assignment.


The learner will also be able to see the direct feedback that they received from the Admin with a prompt underneath that it is only visible to them.

They can then scroll down to see any comments on their submission, these comments will also be visible to any of learners who have access.  Learners can watch comment threads on submissions that they have access to. They will have a visual identification of the posts they are watching within the app. Learners can turn this on and off for as many threads as they would like to. They will also receive push notifications for new activity on the threads and will see 'unread replies' when in the app. They will receive a prompt in the app to tell them that notifications have been turned on for them to follow the post.

Learners are able to change their submission as many times as they would like to, but this will be sent back to the Admin to be regraded each time.