How To Measure The Success of Your Program

This article will show you how to use KPIs to measure the success of your program

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are metrics that indicate to you how well you’re tracking against your targets. While clear KPIs are especially important when it comes to running a Pilot, they should really support all programs as a way to measure the ongoing effectiveness of your learning program.


Select the appropriate KPIs for your business objectives & learning program

Once you have defined your goals, it’s time to select which metrics will best pair with your business objectives. The EdApp platform is flexible, allowing you to customize your admin account and content to best and most efficiently capture the metrics you need.


These metrics can help you determine the impact of EdApp and evaluate your learning programs:




Source in EdApp


The number of users who have opened the app more than once.

Login statistics by user


The percent of the target audience who successfully registered.

Login statistics by user

Completion Rate

What % of users complete a course once they begin.

Lesson, course, and program completion numbers.

Course progress


The number of users who have returned to the app more than once.

Login statistics by user

Learner satisfaction

Net Promoter Score; how likely your users are to recommend EdApp or microlearning, to a colleague/within their own business.

Survey slide (Likert) at the end of a lesson/course

Knowledge level

The average score obtained by learners in a well-designed assessment; 

OR the pass rate of learners who took a final course assessment.

Course completion by user

Applying a minimum pass score to the end of a course/lesson and measuring the number of completions.

Knowledge uplift

Demonstrate the increase in knowledge demonstrated from the start of the program to a post-assessment

Use EdApp survey templates to create pre/post assessments

Most popular content

Total opens to view which courses people are starting a course.

Course progress

Completion rate

The percent of users who completed a course vs. who started it.

Course progress

User feedback

Quantitative/qualitative data

Survey slides

Examples of KPIs

Every program is different. Here are some example KPIs you can use for inspiration. 

Course Completions

  • 60% completion rates on mandatory courseware
  • 40% completion rates on optional courseware


  • 2,500 app visits over 3 months
  • 80% open rates on all courseware

User Feedback (Surveys) 

  • > 90% of respondents agree that they learned valuable information they could use in their day-to-day work.
  • > 70% of respondents agree that they value mobile learning over traditional styles of workplace learning
  • > 70% of respondents agree that they deepened their knowledge of the material